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Lucia D: "Calire" by ArkisiLucia D: "Cesanie" by ArkisiLucia D: "Ottuda" by ArkisiLucia D: "Kardake" by ArkisiLucia D: "Esinee" by ArkisiYnsete featuring Lucia D by Alex LynnWhen Lucia put on her short dress business suit and high heels; we couldn't help but stare at her. We all know just how lovely Lucia is; and it seems no matter what she wears she simply can not hide how sexy her body is. In her business suit Lucia's long legs are mostly showing, her butt is sticking out from the tight skirt, and when she unbuttons her jacket we see no bra. Now that's the way we like a girl to dress to do business.Exclusive Recruits Lucia Tovar Photos Actiongirls.comLucia D: "Bambei" by Alex IskanExclusive Recruits Lucia Tovar Photos Actiongirls.comShe is the sultry seniorita. The Latina babe you would want as your own. This one here has such a fine butt. Small; but beautiful. I always looked forward to shooting with Lucia just to see her fine ass. Of course her other parts are even better. That face is so beautiful, her breasts are full and beautiful, her legs are fit and beautiful. Hmm, it's all beautiful. So why do I like her ass so much? Simple. She can wear the tiniest skirts and shorts imaginable. Also, she likes to spread her ass cheeks when asked to do so. Me, I ask her to do it alot. She's the best.Exclusive Recruits Lucia Tovar Photos
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