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The couple enjoyed breakfast and the dude said that he would wash the dishes while his girlfriend could enjoy shower. The chick took a very quick shower and came back to the kitchen while her lad was still dealing with the dishes. She told him she had an offer which he would not be able to reject.

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Brunette or redhead? If you are Caprice and Anny, the better question is, "Why do we have to choose"? These beautiful girls want it all. Imagine two gorgeous couples sipping champagne at Anny's home. As hot as the sex is between Nataly Von and her man, recently she's been craving something a little more raw. For the longest time, Nataly's been dreaming about having hot, passionate sex somewhere other than the bedroom. Soon as she jumped out of bed, Nataly headed to the walk-in shower to feel the hot water coursing over her skin. George must have guessed, because he set Nataly's lust ablaze when he joined her in the shower for a quickie, and got a passionate, eager blowjob in return. As the water poured on the tile, George pumped away sensually at Nataly's tight pussy, bringing her breathless and in no time to the brink of a powerful orgasm in today's satisfying couples porn scene.
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