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Caccia featuring Sapphira A by Luca HeliosQedry featuring Sapphira A by MarkSapphira A: "Kallu" by Luca Helios22 Apr 2016 - Mirrored Sensuality - 18:41 film - SapphiraSapphira A is wild at heart! At 21 years old she has already traveled the world, gone skydiving and participated in an endurance raceSapphira likes to take care of herself, which means everything from exercise and rest to eating well and having fun. One of her favorite things to do is to give herself a rub down every week to keep her body soft and relaxed. Her other favorite thing to do is to make sure she gives herself some extra pleasure while doing it. :) There's nothing like an inner massage to keep oneself relaxed and happy... and she knows just what to do when it comes to that! With her favorite oil, she makes sure to give herself the most pleasure she can. It's one of the things that keeps her happy and healthy - and it shows. You'll have to come in and see for yourself just how happy it makes her... enjoy! :)Take a peek at how Sapphira makes the most of an afternoon alone in her backyard. With no one to interrupt her pleasure, or spy on her naughty fun, you can bet this brunette babe's going to take her time and masturbate until she's had enough. Let Saphira seduce you with the erotic vibe of her solo session outdoors, as she explores all her hot-spots, from her puffy nipples to her flawless pussy. You'll get to see it all, as Saphira opens her legs wide and spreads herself open to let you see everything. By the time Saphira's done showing you exactly how she likes it, you'll be able to touch her exactly the way she likes it.Hot babe Sapphira plays with her pussy on top of the dining tablePemina featuring Sapphira A by Mike G1 Jun 2016 - Night In The Desert - 07:22 film - SapphiraLegema featuring Sapphira A by Deltagamma30 Nov 2015 - Exciting Fitness - 13:42 film - Sapphira
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