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Take a peek at how Sapphira makes the most of an afternoon alone in her backyard. With no one to interrupt her pleasure, or spy on her naughty fun, you can bet this brunette babe's going to take her time and masturbate until she's had enough. Let Saphira seduce you with the erotic vibe of her solo session outdoors, as she explores all her hot-spots, from her puffy nipples to her flawless pussy. You'll get to see it all, as Saphira opens her legs wide and spreads herself open to let you see everything. By the time Saphira's done showing you exactly how she likes it, you'll be able to touch her exactly the way she likes it.Hot babe Sapphira plays with her pussy on top of the dining tableNidisa featuring Sapphira A by Luca HeliosSapphira A: "Debitat" by Luca HeliosSapphira is one sexy babe, and she knows it - not in an arrogant way, but in a confident way... and that makes her even sexier. She also knows what pleasures her and how to give herself that pleasure... which makes her even sexier. When she finds herself by herself, she always sees it as an opportunity for self pleasuring... and this time is no exception. She likes to go slow and make herself wet while taking her clothes off and only caressing herself... until she can't take it any more and has to put her fingers on her sweet, wet pussy. And it is so satisfying when she does. Her pussy yearns to be touched and her fingers do not disappoint. There's nothing like knowing your body and what feels good... and what makes Sapphira feel good is fingering herself... come on in and see how good it feels! :)30 Nov 2015 - Exciting Fitness - 13:42 film - Sapphira12 May 2015 - Inside Mercedes - 16:25 film - SapphiraSapphira A is an exquisite beauty for the discerning gentlemen who appreciate world class beauty! See her excite, tease and tantalize her sweet  pussy. See her in her latest movie Like Snow.Reunas featuring Sapphira A by Mark2 Feb 2016 - Watch Me - 12:24 film - SapphiraSapphira A: "Lapena" by Luca HeliosSapphira A: "Jonsu" by Luca Helios
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