They float in constant, sweet desire, spending the days in each other's arms. It was their own piece of Heaven, a sanctuary of love, that kept them go on from day to day. When they made love, gentle still passionate, they forgot about everything... they just existed for each other and for love.
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I suoi capelli come il fuoco dentro di lei, ancora, la ragazza era tutt'altro che impegnativa. Sapeva come controllare la sua lussuria, come far scorrere come un fiume senza fine, lavando via tutto sul suo cammino. Era tenera, sempre tenero e dolce in amore, ancora, ha ottenuto più alto nella passione di ogni altra cosa lo sapeva.I suoi capelli rosso rubino è stato il primo che ha ottenuto la sua attenzione, ma il resto seguì presto. Ci sono voluti i momenti di sentirsi in amore con la sua bellezza, la sua pelle d'alabastro, le sue curve morbide, i suoi scintillanti occhi luminosi ... e quando finalmente chiuse le braccia esili intorno a lui, tirandolo per il suo corpo nudo, sapeva di aver perso sempre nel coccola dolce.Minnie is happy for the summer. Her overflowing joy shows in everything, even in her sexual appetite. She tries to use every occasions to have sex with her boyfriend, Thomas, putting every little part of her sexy body into work, especially her agile feet.Amava questi momenti di attesa ... il dolore dolce nei suoi lombi come il desiderio si svegliò, guida la sua mano sempre più in profondità lungo il corpo. Il battito del cuore perdere come suo amante abbraccia il suo corpo da dietro, la accarezza dolcemente in quella sensazione di galleggiamento, quando tutto sembra così irreale, ancora, ogni tocchi sono così reali. Amava questi momenti ...She knew that he won't be able to resist if she wears her favorite transparent top. It was a naughty trick she used well and often. Her pink nipples nearly pierce through the thin material, the gentle curve of her perfect breasts push against the thin layer of the top, tempting him to touch... after that moment, everything else flows on its natural way.She was adorable, and she knew it, always purring herself into His arms with her cute smile. She was full of grace, tenderness, and playful erotica and  she had an easy time to turn Him on. This way, she made love with him whenever she wanted to... and she wanted it often and long.They float in their favorite emptiness, where words was meaningless, where time stood still, or moved only by their lust and will. They had nowhere to hurry... they lived and existed for each other. They lived for love, for lust and to pleasure each other until the next time they can float again.Katy Rose is a beautiful flower without thorns. She offers her warm hug and silky body instead, mesmerizing her beloved one with her sweet scent. Her wet petals full, craving for his touch, parting to give access to the tight, moist depth.That tiny smile in the corner of the Girl's mouth hints about a wondrous journey in dreamland. A journey full of passion and lust and erotica. While She sleeps, her hesitant fingers wonder low to her loins, luring a thin layer of honey over the tender nether-regions. This arousal noticed by Him, Her dream becomes reality as the kisses pull Her through the veil to the real, but not less arousing world.Markus loves to spend his afternoons on the balcony, high above the ground level. It is his private pleasure palace, that he mostly shares with the woman she loves. Her current girlfriend, Lola, is always around him, in feet reach, so to say, always ready to put her lovely toes into service.He couldn't get enough of her... she was like a drug form him. He loved everything about her; the sweet smell of her hair, the naughty lights in her eyes... but most of all, he loved the touch of her skin. Like the finest silk, so smooth, so soft, so immaculate. Every time he touched her, it tempted him for more... and finally they ended up in the bed. As always!Blanche got ready for her boyfriend's arrival. Dressed in sexy little lingerie,  her lovely feet bare, and lubed up with lotion so she can use them well... just like her man loves it. When Renato arrives, the girl is all excited, putting her lovely soles into good use, and turning a morning romance into a hardcore footjob sex.
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