He couldn't get enough of her... she was like a drug form him. He loved everything about her; the sweet smell of her hair, the naughty lights in her eyes... but most of all, he loved the touch of her skin. Like the finest silk, so smooth, so soft, so immaculate. Every time he touched her, it tempted him for more... and finally they ended up in the bed. As always!
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Mugur dream of spaying his load over at Lina's smooth dancer's feet came true. It has happened so smoothly, so easily, because the blonde beauty adores the feeling when somebody caresses her silky, slender feet. Having a man jizzing all over at her soles, toes or feet always turned her on... and today is not an exception.The beautiful dancer was graceful like a swan, as she was pure like the first snow and naive like a newborn. But she was still burning with passion like any woman, craving for a touch, and ruled by tender emotions, irresistible feelings that kept her running into his arms, throwing her purity for the sweet sin of sex.This was Eden itself, at least for Her. She adored every little corners of it. She loved the lush green, she loved to see the Sun peeking through between the leaves, she loved how the heavy scent of the countless flowers made her light-headed... and She loved when His Lover pleased her naked body right there, adding even more to the magic of her garden.Ama partire sue mattinate in silenzio. Nei primi, luci soffuse Lei si stupì Il suo stesso corpo bello,, stretto ma setoso. Il suo collo sottile, seni paffuto, bella pancia, forte culo e cosce ancora più forti ... Ogni parte del suo corpo perfetto e atletico è in attesa di ottenere occupato con la sua passione e la cupidigia.Attese per il suo arrivo per troppo tempo, almeno il suo corpo è stato ricoverato, a caldo con i desideri. Infine, quando è arrivato, lei non ha perso tempo a spogliare se stessa di pensare, insieme con i suoi vestiti, e lasciare che la spinge, la condurrò tra le sue braccia, felice di abbracciare tutto era pronto a dare.When she woke up, it felt like if her dreams came true, following her to the real world. Like an echo from her mind, things turned real when He stepped into the room. Her loins still hot from her sensual dreams, she wasted no time to pull Him into her soft clad, making him part of the echo of her dream.Amava questi momenti di attesa ... il dolore dolce nei suoi lombi come il desiderio si svegliò, guida la sua mano sempre più in profondità lungo il corpo. Il battito del cuore perdere come suo amante abbraccia il suo corpo da dietro, la accarezza dolcemente in quella sensazione di galleggiamento, quando tutto sembra così irreale, ancora, ogni tocchi sono così reali. Amava questi momenti ...She knew that he won't be able to resist if she wears her favorite transparent top. It was a naughty trick she used well and often. Her pink nipples nearly pierce through the thin material, the gentle curve of her perfect breasts push against the thin layer of the top, tempting him to touch... after that moment, everything else flows on its natural way.La sua vita era una melodia. Una collezione di toni ronzanti di tenerezza, il ritmo pulsante della passione, il crescendo di gioia, e la dolce cacofonia di amore, fondendo insieme nella eufonia sua vita. Questa stessa melodia governato Il suo corpo quando ha fatto l'amore, quando sentì che brucia il suo gentil sesso di desiderio, quando Ella aggrovigliato con il suo amato come due note perfette sul foglio di musica.She was a cheerful, lively beauty. Untamed, passionate, joyful. She knew that when she finds a man, he has to be energetic to keep up with her, to be able to handle her overflowing energies. But it went easier than she expected, and he made love with her more than she could count... more than once every day.Era pazzo per Lei. Era come un angelo caduto sulla Terra, ed era la fortuna di avere tra le braccia. I suoi occhi azzurri erano sempre come catene, non lasciarlo fuori dalle lega, il suo corpo è come l'afrodisiaco più dolce, e il suo dolce figa rosa ... il bene di tutta la lussuria e piaceri.He got mesmerized by her golden hair on the very first day he saw her. He knew that she is the one for him, and he didn't rest until he could hold her in his arms. The day has came, and he is the happiest man since, living his life in a constant dream, a never-ending pleasure he spends between her silky thighs.
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