Blonde wordt POV-stijl geneuktBlonde wordt POV-stijl geneuktBlonde wordt POV-stijl geneuktLeuke Latina wordt geneukt in POV-stijl19 jaar oude, brunette bombshell, Carmen Caliente wilde neer met Team Skeet en was klaar om alles te doen om het te bewijzen. Ze vertelde ons hoe ze het ruw vond, haar haren trok en ervan hield om van achteren te worden geneuktLeuke Latina wordt geneukt in POV-stijlLeuke Latina wordt geneukt in POV-stijlhete blonde grote sappige kont wordt geneukt doggy stylehete blonde grote sappige kont wordt geneukt doggy styleThat tiny little Stacey returns -- you've seen her assist (and fist) two girls lately, Hope, and Ivy -- and she's really wanted to come back and do another shoot of her own. Truth be told, we've been dating on and off for several years, but since she lives in Georgia, its one of those long distance, see-when you can situations. Whatever the case, it was nice to see her again, and you can probably see the chemistry on camera. She had worn that yellow dress when we go out, and its a striking outfit, showing off her cute body in a sexy way, with no bra or panties. She's got a perfect firm pair, so the top does look good on her. Not only that, she was a few days before her period, so her breasts had swelled up and were even larger and firmer than normal. In fact they were so firm that weekend they almost looked like 'pregnant' breasts. So she flashes and fingers herself at a pretty spot on sunrise (since she's staying over with me I could start even earlier than most shoots). Then we visit another area, near a resort, where she gets to masturbate, using the portable Lelo Magic Wand. She loves masturbating, and does it twice a day -- she's naturally the very horny type. Notice how quickly she gets to orgasm (with very strong vaginal contractions), and how wet she is -- with milky juices dripping down. We get extreme closeups of her pretty private parts (though I wish she would stop chewing on her nails, bad habit). She's also very horny for sex, and wants to fuck right there, she's not shy about public play. She's also the kind of girl with a vagina that is tiny, and very tight (feels so good...) but also has a flexibility to it that can take larger things. So I knew she could take the head of the magic wand, and she does. She ends up turning it on and having an orgasm, which tightens her up even more, and she has a hard time taking it out haha. I help out with that. Notice how drippy she is with juices when she does take it out. The next part of the shoot was on the second day (as we were in no rush to shoot all day, and she does get too horny to keep away) and she's wearing what I call Stacey's casual style. She always looks cute in jeans, as she does have a butt, and fills it out well with her petite form. And her fuller breasts look great without a need for a bra. The shoot ends up turning into a breast massage fetish scene, where we get to see her squeeze her firm breasts and massage them hard; seeing how much bigger they are (full C's). Some nipple pulling, then her lying on her back to show how firm they sit... and then Lia shows up to play with her breasts as well. Notice how tall Lia looks next to Stacey haha. Then its all about butt-worship, and she does have a very cute butt; we get extreme closeups of her butt as she fingers herself with up to three fingers anally. A bejewelled but toy is also used, and I help her push it in and pull it out. She does like butt play somewhat, just not actual full anal sex. She's been wanting to use the Vibraking for a long time... (its been four years) and she really did miss it, but I held back on her using it until she shot with it. And so she does, having another orgasm but it making her wetter and even hornier. And so comes clip7, a rather rare hardcore POV scene (don't click if you don't want to see!) where she rides my penis, gives it a blowjob, then a handjob to orgasm, and sucking off the cum. Lets just put it this way, we've been having sex probably a dozen times on her visit, so this is just one intermission caught on camera. It was a rather spontaneous moment, and she wanted it on video. Then I have her in one of my other favorite dresses she's got, a blue one with cute nude heels. I kept asking her to do a dancing scene, but she's too timid about it -- so it wasn't much of a dancing scene, and a rather strange song to me (she seems to really like that artist). It leads to a ping pong ball scene, where she stuffs two of them inside her, then spreads so you can see it in there. She has hard time getting the second one out, as its pushed deep to the back of her vagina. We've talked about her trying to fist again, and this time do a full fist instead of a near-fist -- she's been doing it on other girls, so it would be cool to see it on herself. With some work, she manages to fist, and with my help, I push her hand deeper. Whats amazing about her vagina is how flexible it can be, but it snaps back to being really tight. I think its also partially because she endures 'pain' better than some girls, and sort of enjoys it. This of course, leads to a speculum scene, and in a way, I was quite excited to do this scene, as I've always wanted to see her 'inside' and her cervix since I've been in a relationship with her. The speculum is the smaller-sized one, but enough to expose her cervix, which looks very pretty and healthy. Nice to know haha. When she laughs, it moves her vaginal muscles on the inside. Another supercute dress, this time a black one with sexy heels I bought for her a while back, notice how seethrough it can be when she bends over. She was telling me a story about a cocktail party for her office when she realized a little too late that it is somewhat seethrough. You can see her labia clearly when she bends over... So for an extreme finale, its time for her to try the FTV Monster Toy. I knew she could do it, but was surprised as to how much of it she actually took. At least 1/3 of the whole thing was pushing inside her. And for a finale, she masturbates with the Vibraking again with some really clear orgasmic contractions, and more extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts. The last clip 12, is some outtake video of the girls hanging out together (Lia shooting) and some bet Stacey lost so she had to wear this unicorn hair thing.hete euro babe gigantische kont wordt hard doggy style geneuktgeile euro babe zuigt lul super sexy babe krijgt haar kont geneukt op z'n hondjes
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