They float in constant, sweet desire, spending the days in each other's arms. It was their own piece of Heaven, a sanctuary of love, that kept them go on from day to day. When they made love, gentle still passionate, they forgot about everything... they just existed for each other and for love.
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Haar haar zoals de brand in haar, nog steeds, het meisje was allesbehalve veeleisend. Ze wist hoe ze haar lust te beheersen, hoe het te laten stromen als een eindeloze rivier, het wegwassen van alles op zijn weg. Ze was mals, altijd mals en zacht in de liefde, nog steeds hoger in de passie dan alles wat ze wist dat ze kreeg.Haar robijnrood haar was de eerste die zijn aandacht kreeg, maar de rest volgde snel. Het duurde even om te voelen in de liefde met haar schoonheid, haar albasten huid, haar zachte rondingen, haar fonkelende heldere ogen ... en toen ze uiteindelijk sloot ze haar slanke armen om hem heen, hem om haar naakte lichaam te trekken, wist hij dat hij had verloren altijd in de zoete knuffel.Minnie is happy for the summer. Her overflowing joy shows in everything, even in her sexual appetite. She tries to use every occasions to have sex with her boyfriend, Thomas, putting every little part of her sexy body into work, especially her agile feet.Crystal was never been afraid of putting her feet into action, quite the opposite. She loves when a rock hard erection rubs against her soles. It is the most gentle caress she can imagine, and that makes her wet like nothing... and this very game between them always lead to a powerful, arousing foot romance.Haar naam is Vicky Blaze ... een naam goed past bij haar persoonlijkheid. Een vurige, dynamische meisje, die leeft en houdt van met een ongeëvenaarde ijver. Ze houdt van reizen, ze houdt van dansen en ze houdt om te vrijen. Haar warmte kan niet worden gekoeld, ze hunkert voor de zorg aan de gloed van haar passie te voeden.She knew that he won't be able to resist if she wears her favorite transparent top. It was a naughty trick she used well and often. Her pink nipples nearly pierce through the thin material, the gentle curve of her perfect breasts push against the thin layer of the top, tempting him to touch... after that moment, everything else flows on its natural way.Blanche got ready for her boyfriend's arrival. Dressed in sexy little lingerie,  her lovely feet bare, and lubed up with lotion so she can use them well... just like her man loves it. When Renato arrives, the girl is all excited, putting her lovely soles into good use, and turning a morning romance into a hardcore footjob sex.This was Eden itself, at least for Her. She adored every little corners of it. She loved the lush green, she loved to see the Sun peeking through between the leaves, she loved how the heavy scent of the countless flowers made her light-headed... and She loved when His Lover pleased her naked body right there, adding even more to the magic of her garden.They were total strangers a few days ago, though shared the same apartment. They barely even knew each other, they didn't share their name. But the chemistry worked, and keeping strangers added some excitement to it, turning their sex passionate, somewhat forbidden and thus, sweeter than anything before.She wasn't really sure if she wanted to show herself to the world, or just loved to have sex in the window, but she always wanted him to make love with her right there, for everyone to see. She didn't know if anyone was watching, but maybe it wasn't that important... the only thing mattered that it made her crazy and wet like nothing before.Lana's love was always demanding. She couldn't help it, she wanted everything and even more.  Her lips craved to touch His tongue, to enclose His throbbing manhood, her nipples screamed for a touch, her wet deepness wanted Him inside... again and again, whenever, wherever.It was a bold promise, telling him to be together forever, but she couldn't help it. She couldn't get enough of him, his smile, his hugs, his manhood, the way he pleasured her, caressed her pussy, kissed her breasts, made her the happiest woman.
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