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She slips a finger into Aiko's tight snatch and soon adds a second digit before settling into a pussy fingering rhythm that pushes all of Aiko's buttons. As her lover's moans get louder and breathier, Luicana leans forward to press her tongue to Aiko's clit for even more added pleasure.Now that she's had a taste of release, Aiko wants to give Luciana the same powerful feelings. She is quick to settle between Luciana's legs, where she has full access to the blonde's shaved twat. Aiko's opening move is gentler than Luciana's was as the brunette samples her lover's juices with light flicks of her tongue, but soon Aiko is lapping away much to Luciana's delight.Getting her hands in on the action, Aiko rubs Luciana's clit with the palm of her hand while her fingers are buried in the blonde's sheath. Her face is scrunched in concentration as she pulls out all the stops to bring Luciana off into the climax that has been building since before their clothes came off.Aiko's reward for a job well done is to climb onto Luciana's face so that the blonde can put her mouth to work. Between Aiko's nimble hips and Luciana's talented tongue, the duo is able to make magic happen as Aiko rides her way to total satisfaction.That brief break was enough for Luciana to be ready for another round of fun. She gets up on her hands and knees, opening her pussy for Aiko to lean forward and lick. Aiko is happy enjoy all of the perks of this new position, especially when she decides that Luciana is wet and ready for her fingers. After sliding two digits deep into Luciana's snatch, Aiko kicks off a fast pace that leaves Luciana gasping as her climax leaves her nearly boneless with the overwhelming pleasure.The two girls aren't quite sated, so they turn to a mutually beneficial position. Pressing their pussies together as they sit facing one another, the girls grind their hips into each other so that they are scissoring with every move they make. The friction is just what each of them needs for a final titty-bouncing climax that completes the sensual afternoon they've spent together.Потрясающие подросток Стефани радует ее киску вкусный розовой игрушкой на диванеA tight dress clings to every one of Sierra Nicole's curves, leaving nothing to the imagination. Damon Dice likes what he sees, and instead of going out on a date as he had planned he decides to change his plans to stay in instead. Sierra is totally up for whatever Damon wants, which she communicates by rubbing his dick to help it become harder even faster.Damon returns the favor, caressing his fingers over Sierra's mound, and even through the fabric of her thong she can feel his heat. Committed to pleasing each other, they relocate to the couch where Damon can peel Sierra's dress from her body. Her sheer bra is the next to go so that Damon can kiss her neck while massaging her boobs. When his hands sneak lower to sample the wetness of her twat, Sierra lays down on the couch with a smile to let Damon do what he wants.Watching as Sierra rubs her clit above the fabric of her underwear, Damon slowly kisses his way down her thigh. He replaces her hand with his tongue, and then smiles with anticipation when Sierra pulls her thong aside so that he can taste test her sweet nectar. Damon is skilled with his mouth and his hands, and when he uses both of them for Sierra's pleasure his blonde lover can only lay back and enjoy the ride.Not about to let Damon have all of the sensual fun, Sierra proves that she can give as good as she gets. Not only does she deliver a lusty blowjob with every evidence of enjoying herself as she gets Damon hard and needy, she also rises up and rubs his hardon along her tits and hard nipples. That last bit of sensation is all Damon can take before he pulls her forward to rest on his chest.This new position is perfect for Sierra to reach below her and position her lover's cock at her opening. From there she sinks down until she's fully loaded and ready to ride. Her long slow strokes are rewarded with kisses to her breasts whenever they come within Damon's reach. Meanwhile, her gasps of excitement are an indicator that Sierra is enjoying herself very much as she rides Damon's stiffie.Turning around so that Damon can get a view from the back, she keeps moving her hips in a delectable rhythm. Staring at Sierra's quivering ass is more than Damon can handle, and he changes positions to put Sierra in the passive role. Spooning her from behind, he fucks her greedy twat hard and then puts her up on her hands and knees to deliver a proper pussy pounding that pleases them both.Totally satisfied by the pussy plumbing from that last position, Sierra turns her attention to Damon's pleasure. She isn't shy about resuming her interrupted blowjob, sucking and slurping with great zest. With such determination, it's not surprising when Damon explodes in her face after mere moments, leaving her a cum shower to lap up in the aftermath of their love.Глория пальцами ее вырвать вкусныйОни делали много снимков вместе и дурачились перед камерой. Чувак подумал, что ничего не сделает ситуацию еще острее, когда его подруга вкусный захотелось соблазнить его в начинку горло и киска с его длинной члена. Она удовлетворяет ее желание сразу.
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