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Leading her blindfolded boyfriend Ricky Rascal into the bedroom by his hands, Belle Claire settles him on his belly on the bed. Then she kicks off a pleasurable torture, running a feather and her fingertips down her lover's back. Sprinkling some massage oil onto Ricky's heated skin, Belle takes off her bra and then leans forward to use her big boobs to rub the slickness into his skin.Turning Ricky over, Belle springs his hardon free form his boxer briefs and then coats it in more massage oil. When he's all lubed up, Belle continues her trend of putting her breasts to work for his pleasure. Pushing her jugs together, she creates a channel that she rubs up and down his hard length. Although she loves the way her titty fuck feels, she can't resist the temptation to go down on her knees and start lapping and sucking at Ricky's cock.The blindfold heightens the pleasure of Belle's BJ to incredible heights. She keeps on sucking, her eyes flicking up to study the joy painted on Ricky's face with every new sensation. Eager to give him one last treat, Belle slips out of her thong and arranges her slick bare pussy over Ricky's face so that he can run his tongue up and down her slit. Only then does she remove her lover's blindfold so that he can see what he's doing as he feasts on her lusty twat.Now that he has regained all of his senses, Ricky can apply himself fully to Belle's deep satisfaction. He probes his tongue up and down her slippery slit, focusing most of his attention on her clit. As Belle's hips begin to twitch with true excitement, Ricky hooks his hands around her bottom to anchor her twat in place for his continued ministrations.Her body still humming from Ricky's intimate kiss, Belle shifts so that her hips are lower, straddling her boyfriend's thighs. A quick rub against his hardon is all the warning he gets before Belle sinks down to fully impale herself on his fuck stick. Her hips bounce in a primal rhythm that gets her knockers jiggling in time with her thrusts. When Belle lays back on the bed, Ricky is happy to finally take the lead in their erotic dance. He presses into her while holding her thigh high for deeper penetration. His long thrusts are met with hums of excitement as Belle rises to meet him on each downstroke. When she turns over onto her hands and knees to take a doggy style pounding, Ricky holds nothing back as he does whatever it takes to bring Belle off.Her body deeply satisfied, Belle once again turns to face Ricky. She reaches out her soft hand, rubbing his lubed up hardon with sure strokes that are designed for maximum pleasure. When he is on the edge of cumming, she aims him at her belly so that his spurts of love cover her stomach and breasts with the evidence of his passion.Для этого длинноногой блондинки ИФОМ романтики всегда был большой поворот на. Она любит секс и взаимное удовлетворение, так что, когда ее бойфренд приносит ей цветы и берет ее на романтическую прогулку в парке, она получает так роговой она просто не могу ждать, чтобы сорвать с себя одежду в постели. Это то, что вы получаете, когда вы обращаетесь к опытному женщину прямо â € "дикий и страстный взрыв сексуальной энергии, убийцы минета и пошел на хуй никогда не забуду. Вот Это Да!See this long legged chick banging her wet twat with her green toyДлинные ноги брюнетка подросток падает трусики для своего учителяLong legged Jentina gets her wet pussy destroyed by big cockСексуальная полюс танцовщица Каролина Сантана recieves некоторые жесткие гребаный после ее шоу
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